Case Studies

XPO has multiple advantages over traditional PVC in all sorts of applications – being easier to install, recycle, handle, and food-safe.

Eco-friendly load cover - TechnipFMC

TechnipFMC found that traditional PVC materials used to cover subsea trees when being transported from the factory often ended up in landfill after just one use. XPO was lighter, easier to ship and install, and could be re-used or recycled.

Since this test product XPO Arctic has made several new covers for manifolds and other equipment for TechnipFMC.


Aquaculture material - GIFAS

GIFAS conducted tests demonstrating the preference of Lumpfish for XPO as an aquaculture material, as opposed to traditional PVC materials.

Lice skirt - GIFAS

XPO Arctic made its first lice skirt for GIFAS in 2021.  This was using our XPO 550gsm material for extra strength.  The XPO material provides a more environmentally friendly protection between the fish and the lice than PVC alternatives.  The lice skirt is currently installed at GIFAS’ Langholmen site and covers a length of 110 meters.

Jumping edge - Helgeland Smolt

XPO Arctic made a ‘jumping edge’ product for Helgeland Smolt based in Sundsfjord. The product prevents the salmon from jumping out of the tank and potentially injuring themselves. The jumping edge goes all the way around the tank which is approximately 65m meters and also covers the bridge that runs through the middle of the tank. The product is made from our XPO 550gsm material and provides environmentally friendly protection for the fish.

Seaweed - Arctic Seafood

XPO Arctic designed and made a seaweed curtain to be tested on a fish farm facility in Nordland.  The product was installed into the fish cage out at sea along with regular PVC lines.  The test was to see if the lumpfish used the XPO lines and whether there was any difference between XPO and PVC.  The test was filmed using an R.O.V and as can be seen from the results the fish were very happy with XPO! – Video footage can be sent on request.

Various projects

XPO Arctic has made a number of different products for customers in Norway.  We focus on quality and also the benefits that the XPO material offers.  The XPO material is stronger, lighter and greener than PVC material and is fully recyclable. These are just a few examples of our products so if you have any design or idea, contact us and we can make whatever you need and assist with the design process.

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