XPO as a re-usable load cover

A project at TechnipFMC has found a more sustainable, more efficient way of protecting subsea trees and other loads when they are being transported from thei factory.

Traditional, made-to-measure PVC tarpaulins often ended up in landfill after just one use – not to mention they were heavy and more difficult to install and ship.

The lighter, more durable material from XPO proved as the perfect replacement in initial tests – reducing environmental impact of the company, removing reliance on single use plastics as well as providing re-use opportunities and durable protection with less weight.

The next stage for TechnipFMC is to build a process to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by XPO as a sustainable, recyclable material. For example – for example a scheme where the tarpaulins are collected every so often to be repurposed elsewhere.

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