Who are XPO Arctic?

XPO is made up of 9 dedicated co-owners who see unlimited opportunities for a sustainable future.

We manufacture and provide a unique, sustainable product, suitable to be incorporated into existing projects and products, or to be supplied as a ready-made tarp.

Consistent performance around the world.

XPO is in use for multiple applications around the world, by a wide array of organisations and industries including;

  • United Nations – Selected XPO for it’s strength and safety as a material used for shelters and tents.
  • Australia and New Zealand – As a grain cover, in retail stores, and ready made tarps.
  • South Korea – Industrial-grade tarp for construction purposes.
  • GB and Northern Europe – Industrial-grade tarp for multiple purposes.
  • Canada – In major hardware stores as a ready-made tarp.
  • South Africa – As a grain cover.

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XPO Arctic AS | c/o Industrivisualisering AS, Ørnesveien 3, 8160 Glomfjord, Norge

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